Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Track Racing, part 1

I had a fantastic time on Sunday at the clinic. The folks at Pink Rhino Racing were so nice and helpful and fun. I learned a heck of a lot, and I enjoyed every minute of it, even sitting there, listening to the lectures. I remember being warned over the years about how bumpy the track is, and when we walked around it, I had only socks on my feet. Even then I didn't really see a problem, as it's much smoother than a typical city street is.

When I got on the track on my bike, though, then I understood. When you're bent way over on a track bike that's built to feel every facet of every inch of the surface and you're going as fast as you can, it is fair to say it's a very bumpy track. But I don't mind. It doesn't give me more of a disadvantage than it gives anyone else, and I'm fine at "planing" over the surface.

I've ridden a lot over my life, in many kinds of riding. I've raced a very tiny handful of time trials, but mostly I've ridden for fun and transportation. I'm a lot faster than the average person who gets on a bicycle, but I'm also a lot slower than people who normally race bikes. I am very slow. We had a couple of mock races, and I came in dead last both times. I wasn't even close to the guy in front of me. But I'll tell you something, which I already told you: I had a great time.

I've made a goal for myself, to enter several races over this season. I intend to come in last at every race. And I intend to learn and to have fun. These are achievable goals. If I do better than coming in last, all the better. I already know it's a fun thing to do, and it's something new for me. I met some nice and fun people, so what could be bad?

Brean stressed safety often during the instruction. It makes a lot of sense, and I intend to follow all of his advice, though it's interesting that I didn't have any fears for my safety coming into it, though Brean seemed to be trying to allay fears we might have. I don't know why some are afraid and I'm not, so it's interesting that there is that difference.

Bike Ahead in Brooklyn sponsors Pink Rhino Racing, and they sponsored this event. I was really impressed with how much cash they tossed in to this small event. That's a heck of a long term investment. I will try to patronize them, even though I don't live close by. At this point, I'd love to meet some of the folks who work there so I can thank them. The merchandise they provided as prizes was truly good stuff, not just stupid symbolic prizes, and I think it's really nice of them.

I rode back to Manhattan with a fellow named Scott. We rode pretty hard, though he'd probably laugh at that adjective. Time for me to work on my speed.

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