Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cycling and traffic problems in Brussels

Excellent video. Brussels seems to have a lot in common with New York City. We have gridlock that expands to huge areas. Motor vehicle drivers don't know that you shouldn't enter an intersection unless there is room for you at the other side. Or they know but they don't care. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Commissioner of Department of Transportation Janette Sadik-Khan understood the problems and worked at improving things. They've done a good job. There is a lot more bike infrastructure now. There are more people on bikes. The bike share started in May of this year. All of the problems with the bike share are problems of success. It is being used more than anyone expected. People who don't love bikes or cycling are using it because it makes sense for them. This is the best kind of trend we could hope for. Now I hope we start working on lawfulness and courtesy. They are improving, but we need to improve more. It is now safer to cycle here than it was. Motor vehicle drivers are more courteous to cyclists, though not perfect. Now we need pedestrians and cyclists to move in a more orderly and predictable manner. Cyclists are improving, but too many cyclists still ride against the direction of traffic. They think it's OK. Some think it's the proper way. Others know it's not right but do it anyway. I hope things continue. Our new mayor starts in January.

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