Sunday, July 20, 2014

Making an old Motob├ęcane hum

I received this email:

Hi Tom
Went to the blog site and found you.  I just got a gift of an old motobecane 27" 12 speed mixte...guess is 1980s?...silver and ok shape...needs tune up and some new parts...
any thoughts about making it hum?  I ride my original 1982 peugeot mixte and like it better than my newer cannondale, so I am thrilled to have received the Motobecane as a gift.


Making the new (old) bike hum is a matter of setting your budget, seeing what it needs, seeing what it wants, and seeing if it all adapts to what you want to do with a bike. Does it run OK now? If not, what is lacking? Can you provide pictures, thoughts, dreams?